Our Ezcema Unique Shea Exhibition in China

As you can see, the skin is already healed – thanks to the SHEA BUTTER! The skin, elbow region, was scaly and rough and we treated it already with several other horse-skin lotions which are available in the market. Nothing worked.

Then I learned from you what SHEA BUTTER can do for your skin, so why shouldn’t it work for my beloved mare? Her name is Sunflower, she is seven years old, nearly black, and actual quite successful in the dressage sports. Surely you know, that the skin of horses is as sensible as the skin of our children, that is why SHEA BUTTER, which is 100% natural is just the right product to use, no parabens, no perfume, no chemicals. I melted the SHEA BUTTER in hot water bath and used it daily on her skin. Sunflower is very sensible and her skin is of course the same, so you have to be very careful which product you are using. She liked the treatment and I even put the SHE BUTTER directly on small wounds she had on her head, where she is especially sensible as you can imagine. I guess she likes the odour of the SHEA BUTTER, which is a fine natural fragrance. The small wounds healed very quickly, within three days the skin looked healthy again and the fur started to regrow. The skin above the elbow took a little bit longer to heal, but after 5 days it looked healthy again and the fur started to regrow as well. Today it is completely healed. All our thanks go to SHEA BUTTER – and of course to you. Another picture, Dieter and Sunflower, contest dressage L 2013, they were the winner...

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Science Partnering With Mother Nature to Renew Your Natural Beauty....

  1. NCI a fully owned subsidiary Of BJ EXPORT (1987).
  2. Officially Incorporated On 14th Of April, 2010.
  3. More than 6 Years Research by a Group of Pharmacists and Chemists On the Quality and Safety Issues Of West African Shea Butter (Vitellara Paradoxa).
  4. The Head Chemist has Transverse all the Shea Belt Zones Collecting Samples and Under Studying the Traditional Heat Extraction Process Across the Value Chains.

Our Group has been Consistently Supporting the Children of Indigent Communities in our Areas Of Operations for Higher Educational Grant. This Scholarship Program is now being Administered through Eagles Tent Foundation Inc. in Nigeria.

List Of Key Hospitals Carrying Unique Natural Shea Butter .

0.1 Dr Mrs. A. Akinkugbe - dermatologist and Head Of Skin Clinic - LUTH / Yaba Dermatolgy Clinic.
0.3 General Hospital , Lagos Island , Dr. Abu - Dermatologist.
0.4 Lagos Island Maternity Hospital.
0.5 Life Gate Hospital , Ogba - Dr Egwuatu.
0.6 Inton Hospital, Ogba , dr . Mustafa , 0807 5009032.
0.7 Kyutis Skin Clinic , Ikoyi , dr Oresanya. - dermatologist.
0.8 naval medical center VI - physiotherapist.
0.9 dr Justina Odigie - agbara , Lagos , body Massage / Skin Clinic , 08037175528...

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Our Group has been consistently supporting the children of indigent communities in our areas of operations for higher educational grant. This Scholarship program is now being administered through Eagles Tent Foundation Inc. in Nigeria.

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