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Preliminary studies on nasal decongestant activity from the seed of the shea butter tree, Butyrospermum parkii..

The seed of Butyrospermum parkii yields shea butter which according to local traditional healers relieves inflammation of the nostrils.
1. Since there is as yet no absolutely satisfactory nasal decongestant in clinical use, it was decided to investigate the effects of shea butter in nasal congestion. The substance was prepared in the laboratory,
2. The human subjects used were those suffering from rhinitis with moderate to severe nasal congestion. They were divided into the test group which received shea butter, the control group which was treated with xylometazoline and the 'placebo' group which received white petroleum jelly B.P,
3. The results showed that nasal congestion was relieved more satisfactorily in the test group than in the other two groups,
4. It is concluded that shea butter may prove more efficacious in nasal congestion than conventional nasal drops.

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Science Partnering With Mother Nature to Renew Your Natural Beauty....

  1. NCI a fully owned subsidiary Of BJ EXPORT (1987).
  2. Officially Incorporated On 14th Of April, 2010.
  3. More than 6 Years Research by a Group of Pharmacists and Chemists On the Quality and Safety Issues Of West African Shea Butter (Vitellara Paradoxa).
  4. The Head Chemist has Transverse all the Shea Belt Zones Collecting Samples and Under Studying the Traditional Heat Extraction Process Across the Value Chains.

Our Group has been Consistently Supporting the Children of Indigent Communities in our Areas Of Operations for Higher Educational Grant. This Scholarship Program is now being Administered through Eagles Tent Foundation Inc. in Nigeria.

21 Clinically Proves by American Shea Butter Institute About Our Products.

1. Eczema,
2. Dermatitis,
3. Dry Skin,
4. Blemishes and Wrinkles,
5. Itching skin,
6. Sunburn,
7. Shaving Cream for a Smooth Silky Shave,
8. Small Skin Wounds,
9. Skin Cracks,
10. Tough or Rough Skin (On Feet.),
11. Cold Weather, Cooking, Radiation Treatment for Certain Medical Problems, etc., 12. Frost Bites,
13. Stretch Mark Prevention During Pregnancy,
14. Insect Bites,
15. Healthy Skin,
16. Muscle Fatigue, Aches and Tension,
17. For Before and After Strenuous Exercise,
18. Skin Allergies Such as Poison Ivy or Poison Oak,
19. Skin Damage from Heat,
20. Skin Rash,
21. Skin Peeling after Tanning.

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Quality Standard And Certifications

1. c GMP certified Non Chemical Extraction Process.
2. NAFDAC certified.
3. USFDA registered as OTC Drug NDC # 217176902.
4. EU Cosmetics Regulatory Compliance, 1223/2009.
5. pH Analysis of Pharmaceutical and Biochemistry Research Insititute.
6. Prof. Dr. Kurz GmbH / Cologne/ Ger. (www.Institut-Kurz.de) our ultra- pure shea butter has got a pH of 5.0.
7. ASBI American Shea Butter Institute, Atlanta, USA certified Grade A source.
8. Lagos State University, Drug & Quality Control Lab, Lagos.
9. Cosmebac / Cosmepar, France, ISO 11930, non irritant & antimicrobial.
10. ILF Institute, Hamburg, Germany...

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