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Our Ezcema Unique Shea Uniqueness

By The Production Pharmacist in The seed of Butyrospermum Parkii Yields Shea Butter which according to Local Traditional Healers Relieves Inflammation Of the Nostrils.

1. Since there is as yet no absolutely satisfactory nasal decongestant in clinical use, it was decided to investigate the effects of shea butter in nasal congestion. The substance was prepared in the laboratory. 2. The human subjects used were those suffering from rhinitis with moderate to severe nasal congestion. They were divided into the test group which received shea butter, the control group which was treated with xylometazoline and the 'placebo' group which received white petroleum jelly B.P. 3. The results showed that nasal congestion was relieved more satisfactorily in the test group than in the other two groups.

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Our Ezcema Unique Shea Exhibition in China

By The Production Pharmacist in As You can see, the Skin is Already Healed – Thanks to the SHEA BUTTER! The skin, Elbow Region, was Scaly and Rough and we Treated it Already with Several Other Horse-Skin Lotions which are Available in the Market. Nothing Worked.

Then I learned from you what SHEA BUTTER can do for your skin, so why shouldn’t it work for my beloved mare? Her name is Sunflower, she is seven years old, nearly black, and actual quite successful in the dressage sports. Surely you know, that the skin of horses is as sensible as the skin of our children, that is why SHEA BUTTER, which is 100% natural is just the right product to use, no parabens, no perfume, no chemicals.

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